Tutorial: Create Your Own ORTF Field Microphone Protractor

Here’s how to create your own custom ORTF field protractor that contains both 110 degrees and 17cm.

1. Download the docx file.

9. Rec.

6 thoughts on “Tutorial: Create Your Own ORTF Field Microphone Protractor

  1. Hey Alexandre. Nice idea to use this handy little stuff. I tend to half clumsily set my angles by vaguely judging something that “seems ok”, so this will bring a bit of balance to the damn thing.
    I see you’re sporting the friendly line audios, and was wondering about which coupling bar/suspensions/blimp you use ?
    How light and comfy would your set be ? I’m considering a lighter ortf setup and this doesn’t look too bulky !

  2. Hope the protractor helps! I created it in order to eliminate any phasing issues. The suspension is by Rycote called the InVision INV-7HG MKIII Stereo Pair Kit. You’ll need some kind of bar handle to screw into it. I’m still experimenting to have an even more stealth / compact kit. Let me know how it works out for you!

  3. thanks for the answer !
    Myself I’m sporting 2xSchoeps with MK4s, both independantly babyballgagged, on two INV-7, the whole thing screwed to a very crummy K&M bar. I bought the INV-7 separately without knowledge of the suspension-bar bundle… I’m kicking myself a bit about that.
    While I’m very happy with the sound, month after month I find my setup really too bulky and heavy…
    I’m tempted to try the Lineaudio someday, I wonder if they would fit in one of those new fancy Rycote ORTF blimp ? They don’t look too big and seem really handy !

  4. Great set up, where can I find your sounds? Not 100% sure if the CM3’s would fit, they are pretty small though so I assume if it’s ORTF you should be good 🙂

  5. Cm3s… New mics… Yum !
    The ol’ blog can be found here : felixsounds.wordpress.com
    I’ve been a bit lazy with the updates :/

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