UFO Take Off

This sound was captured from a UFO take off from the Hôtel de la Montagne terrace, in Montréal. Standing around 70 meters away, the sound pressure level must’ve topped 130 dB! Captured with a Zoom H2.

Recorded by Alexandre Saba in February 2012.

Sentinels In The City

Earlier last week, construction started and could be heard all around the west side of Montreal. Upon hearing it I took to the streets with my recorder to get some pile driver sounds for the library. The thumping was loud and as I got closer another sound began to surface, but not one you’d expect from a construction site.

A yelping-like scream projected itself from beneath the earth. I only recorded about a minute of the creature scream, but as you’ll notice there’s a second low frequency that really crunches through the ground. It’s as though the pile driver was only there to distract us from what was really going on.

Mothman in Antigua

Last summer I visited a small island in the Caribbeans called Antigua. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for recording nature and maybe some wildlife. One evening while staying in the village of Five Islands, I decided to record the night away! I set up my recorder in a safe spot just on the edge of the hotel balcony, hit record and went to bed. With over 3 hours of recorded ambiance, it took some time to edit through. This audio has proven useful as I recently went back to the original recording for a project I am currently working on, but what I came across this time was freaky. The following audio contains a single event that is beyond description.

I sent the owner of the hotel an mp3 to get his opinion, he simply described it as the Mothman. Everyone’s heard its yells at night, but no one has ever gone looking for it, understandably. Recorded in July 2011 using a zoom H2.