Ambience (/ˈambēəns/) Transition Test

Ambience is the blurring of designed emotion and reality, evoked through your subconscious.

The ability to create a parallel reality without questioning the origin or intention is a unique opportunity. As sound designers, we’re sonic architects with the ability to shape whatever emotion we chose. For game audio it is no longer a technical limitation, but a creative leap.

An ambience transition test… the concept is capturing a location without context. In post, conduct the emotion through processed elements and slowly introduce the locations actual sound. The equivalent to fading from black & white to color.

Stereo 24bit / 96KHz
Fostex FR2
Rode NT4

Recorded in Lachine (Google Maps)

Soundifying an Animation Test

It’s the little things
This week I had the chance to do a sound pass on one my colleagues animation demo. Shane Oakes a talented animator from the land of vegemite and roo burgers created this using Maya. You can check out the rest of his work here.

A return to the basics is sometimes needed. Strip away the fat to create something simple and to the point! Would love to make this character speak 🙂 Enjoy!!

Saba Week @

The team over at Creating Sound dedicated a week to me filled with an article, a video diary and even receive an interview. It was an absolute pleasure and honour. To recap here are some of the topics and posts:

Making of a Monster
is a video diary I shot on how we created the sound design for the Ur Draug creature in the mmorpg, The Secret World by Funcom Games.

Sound Design for The Secret World Trailer

Funcom trusted me with the sound design of the final Secret Worlds trailers, ouf! Due to the epic-ness of the previous trailers, the pressure was mounting and the clock was ticking. That said, boost that knob and enjoy the ride. Big shout out to Mark Canham for the music, Rich Aitken doing his thing on the board, as well as Simon Poole for the creative direction.