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FederalBuilding  Airport  Catwalk






Game Design and Architecture are fundamentally similar. Both strive to balance design and utility with narrative and charm.

I seem to be obsessed with architecture these days and equally inspired by instagrams accessibility to great shot. I must admit though one kind of feeds the other… It all started when designing sounds for the Raid Boss monster on The Secret World.

The concept of what makes something colossal actually feel massive. Visually you think shadows and lighting. A big building will create huge shadows, a long corridor will have a vanishing point. The audio representation of size is usually created with reverb, delays and frequency response. For this monster I found myself using a lot of tricks to fool the ear, using harmonics and attenuating other sounds for clarity. With a battle containing 10 players you’re competing with a lot of sounds! All that to say I started using architecture as inspiration.

Sound Design for The Secret World Trailer

Funcom trusted me with the sound design of the final Secret Worlds trailers, ouf! Due to the epic-ness of the previous trailers, the pressure was mounting and the clock was ticking. That said, boost that knob and enjoy the ride. Big shout out to Mark Canham for the music, Rich Aitken doing his thing on the board, as well as Simon Poole for the creative direction.